The Big Club Update

Sun Oct. 15th 2017 / Club news

It's been a busy year, and there's still more Hapkido to come. Read on for some important club news and updates to classes.

The challenge of larger membership

The flood of new members at the start of this year (our total membership hit 50 at one point) had us scrambling, in both the kids and adults classes. Things have settled now, and we're starting to take new adult members again. While the kids classes are mostly full, we welcome the kids bringing friends along for a free trial. As you'll see below, we're making some changes so that we can still grow.

Important Kids Class changes:

To make room for the growing numbers, we're creating two streams. The first is for 6,7 & 8 year olds whose classes will now be 45 minutes long. The second stream is 9 years and over for 1 hour as it is currently. The young kids start at 1:30pm on Saturday, and the older kids from 2:15pm.

To improve learning, and to encourage some safe practicing at home, we've updated the website with clear grading worksheets for each level. These outline what skills need to be mastered for each grade. There's a checkbox next to each skill. Complete the checklist (with our help) and you're ready to grade! For each grade there's also a video of the pattern (or will be soon), and a button letting you print out a copy.

A non-profit club still runs on money

We're a non-profit club, but we still need money to pay rent, buy equipment, and keep the club ticking along. Through healthy membership, our club is in a good financial position and so we've started thinking about where to from here, and how the money gets spent:

  1. The instructors are volunteers
    James, Jeremy, Jamie & Paul don't get paid to teach, and this isn't going to change. Nor are we paid to set-up websites, Facebook pages, manage membership or order gear for students. We do it because we love the style, and because someone took the time to teach us. It's rewarding to be able to 'pay it forward' by teaching the next generation of fighters. As such, we always welcome offers of help, support during lessons, and your 'word of mouth' promotion!
  2. Gradings & Fees
    We don't charge our kids any grading fees. We're now trialling the same with adults for all grades (except Dan gradings). Grading fees are the norm for martial arts clubs, but we've decided to absorb that cost in our normal club membership fee - if you train well, and we think you're ready, you can grade - simple as that. Historically, most of the grading fee goes to the NZ Hapkido Federation - and we will continue to support NZ Hapkido by making the normal contribution on our member's behalf.
  3. Events & seminars
    Next year there will be a couple of national events. The year after, there is a major international tournament and seminars in Korea. Our goal is to fundraise through the club so that we can subsidise attendance at these events for both adults & kids, entering a strong team from our club. Attending such events broadens your understanding of Hapkido, and provides a nice challenge to work towards. Plus, we know we're awesome and taking on the other clubs would be fun!
  4. New equipment
    This year we made a substantial investment in new floor mats: at over $40 each, and having bought a total of 88 of them, you can see what I mean! We're also purchasing some protective headgear for both kids and adults, allowing us to practice competition-style sparring.
  5. T-Shirts & uniforms
    Through the club you can now buy a club t-shirt, order uniforms, sparring gear and other equipment. We do this at cost, passing on any club discounts that we get access to. 

Kids grading

The final class and a grading for all eligible students, will be on Saturday the 16th of December. We're well aware that this is a busy time of year, and that sometimes kids can't make it. We will arrange a special grading early in the new year if need be.

Having some fun

We're planning on holding a combined seminar/practice tournament at the end of the year. Both Kids & Adults will be invited to join in and have a go. It'll be a 'friendly' event, arranged around learning . It will be on a Saturday afternoon and will be followed by some socialising at the local. Full details to come very soon.

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Free Trial Class

Please feel welcome to come along and join a class at no charge.
Here's how:

  1. Introduce yourself

    Call James on 021 858 600 or email us to let us know you're interested.

  2. Visit a class

    Wear light training gear like a t-shirt & shorts or trackpants. Arrive a few minutes early.

  3. Prepare to give it a go

    An instructor will be there to guide you through your first techniques.

  4. Sign-up

    If you decide you want to train regularly, we'll then email you a link to sign-up.

Special Offer

Pay for 3 months, get a free uniform!

Discuss this offer with us at your free trial class, and we'll put a uniform on order for when you start your membership. Uniforms are valued at $80, and a 3 month membership costs $150 ($90 for students).