Hapkido's hitting the beach

Tue Dec. 13th 2016 / Club news

We're signing off for 2016, ready to take some time off at the beach and rest our tired bodies for a few weeks. We'll be back refreshed and ready to train in January.
Here are the dates you need to know.
  • Monday 16 January - first adults class for 2017. Anyone wanting to get a jump start on the year should come along to this first class. We are happy to take orders for uniforms and gear, help set your goals for the coming year's training, and sweat off some of that Christmas over-indulgence.
  • Saturday 28th January - just in time for the start of the school year, our kids class will get underway. Thinking of joining? Come along to the class and we'll talk you through what's involved, how to get your uniform, and how to get discounted club fees.

In January we'll be announcing our concession rates for kids & adults, and we'll also update the website with training notes and helpful videos - so watch this space.

Have a safe, happy summer break everyone. We look forward to training with you in the New Year!

James, Jamie & Jeremy.

Free Trial Class

Please feel welcome to come along and join a class at no charge.
Here's how:

  1. Introduce yourself

    Call James on 021 858 600 or email us to let us know you're interested.

  2. Visit a class

    Wear light training gear like a t-shirt & shorts or trackpants. Arrive a few minutes early.

  3. Prepare to give it a go

    An instructor will be there to guide you through your first techniques.

  4. Sign-up

    If you decide you want to train regularly, we'll then email you a link to sign-up.

Special Offer

Pay for 3 months, get a free uniform!

Discuss this offer with us at your free trial class, and we'll put a uniform on order for when you start your membership. Uniforms are valued at $80, and a 3 month membership costs $150 ($90 for students).