When's the next grading?

Mon June 26th 2017 / Club news

We place an emphasis on students feeling confident in their techniques: understanding them, being able to apply them, and making progress from their previous grade (if any). As such we don't put any student under pressure to grade if they don't feel ready. We like to set a high standard, and if you're unsure if you'll be ready on either of these dates, talk to James in class. 
  • Kids Grading - 8th of July (last Saturday of training for this term) 
  • Adult Grading - 16th August (Wednesday night - back-up night will be 21 August) 
  • Adult Grading - 22 November (Wednesday night - back-up night will be 27 November) 
You'll probably get a shoulder tap from us if we think you're looking ready. (All current kids will be grading on the 8th) 
 Have fun at training everyone!

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Free Trial Class

Please feel welcome to come along and join a class at no charge.
Here's how:

  1. Introduce yourself

    Call James on 021 858 600 or email us to let us know you're interested.

  2. Visit a class

    Wear light training gear like a t-shirt & shorts or trackpants. Arrive a few minutes early.

  3. Prepare to give it a go

    An instructor will be there to guide you through your first techniques.

  4. Sign-up

    If you decide you want to train regularly, we'll then email you a link to sign-up.

Special Offer

Pay for 3 months, get a free uniform!

Discuss this offer with us at your free trial class, and we'll put a uniform on order for when you start your membership. Uniforms are valued at $80, and a 3 month membership costs $150 ($90 for students).