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Sign-up for the Kingsland Cup 2019

We're excited to announce that entries are now open for the inaugural Kingsland Cup.

This is going to be a sparring tournament using NZ Hapkido Federation sparring rules, along with a few team demonstrations by Kingsland Martial Arts students. Entries are open for both children and adults across all weight classes, and they close on the 9th of November.

A final draw will be announced 2 weeks before the event. Entry fees are $20 per competitor.
They are non-refundable and can be paid by online banking.


  • What are the Rules?
    The full sparring rules will be posted soon. We use the NZ variation of the World Kido Federation sparring rules, which allow striking to the head with fists for adult competitors, along with grappling & ground fighting. Rounds are scored based on a range of scoring techniques including strikes and throws. The competitor that accumulates the highest score over 2 rounds is the winner.
  • Do people get hurt?
    The answer is that yes, as in any sport, there are occasional injuries. We wear safety gear, we practice, and we rely on good refereeing to minimise the risk of serious injuries. We will also have a trained first aid person on site.
  • What gear do I need?
    We require competitors have their own shinpads, gloves, and mouthguard. We will supply appropriate headgear during the tournament (though you are welcome to buy or bring your own.) There are a range of suppliers. These are some good entry-level shinpads while for the hands you should look to purchase  'MMA style' mitts (you don't have to purchase these brands if you don't want to - these are simply examples). Mouthguards can be bought at any pharmacy or sports gear store. We also highly encourage men & boys to wear groin protection, and women may also wish to wear chest protection.
  • What if I'm not a Hapkido student?
    We have invited some students from other clubs to participate - but this is not an open competition. If you train in another style and would like to enter, please get in touch and we can discuss. Of course, you're always welcome to join a Hapkido club and then it won't be a problem!

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Student Feedback

  • "Excellent training regime, relaxed yet disciplined, very helpful and experienced instruction, great people to train under and lots of fun"

    -- James CB

  • "Great training environment for both kids and adults. The instructors and other students have a really friendly, positive, attitude. I really like the combination of striking and grappling."

    -- Sol K

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