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May Gradings

Fri June 18th 2021

After last year's mega grading of nearly 60 students, we’ve just held our first grading of the year. We did this over two nights to give everyone the best chance to show us their stuff.

White-belts that progressed to Yellow are Abigail, Thiago and Harry. White belt is in some way the hardest grading due to amount of knowledge you have to take on, plus the first time you have to perform under pressure. So well done.

Tim then did an excellent Yellow Belt grading, - big thanks to Danny for stepping up and being his grading partner.

Then the following Monday we ran a blue belt grading. Pam and Jess successfully passed their Blue Belt gradings, we know it was a stretch and the time pressure was on so very well done! Gregor and Yas continued their partnership and both successfully progressed to double Red Tip. Again, really solid.

Nami then did an outstanding double red tip grading - showed excellent control and technique. So welcome to the senior ranks… Again, big ups to Danny for stepping in to be her grading partner… gradings need grading partners so much appreciated.

It was great to have Master Andy Montgomery in attendance for the Blue belt gradings, really appreciate his tips and observations and really enjoyed the stick demo he put on.

Congratulations to you all. We were impressed by the quality and intensity. Well done.

Photos are by Artur Francisco.

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