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Fun, no-nonsense training

Having your first martial arts lesson can be daunting, especially if you've never done anything like this before. Our instructors are there to guide you through each exercise in a friendly and informative way. In all of our classes we try to foster an atmosphere of trust & respect among our students, even while they're training hard to out-do each with their techniques and strikes.


What do we teach?

We teach a style called Hapkido which originally came from Korea. It is known as an 'eclectic' martial art, because it combines a bit of everything: kicking & punching, use of weapons, throws, joint-locks and grappling.

When & where are the classes?

The adult classes are on Monday & Wednesday night at 7:30pm at Kowhai Intermediate School hall. They run for 90 minutes. 

How much does the class cost?

The first class is free, after which we expect you to join for a three month period. If you are still keen after three months you're welcome to pay monthly. The classes cost $30/mth for tertiary students/unwaged and $50/mth for everyone else. Here's how to pay.

When will I earn my first colour belt?

We normally do two gradings per year, about six months apart, along with occasional gradings in-between to accommodate those that can't make it to the scheduled tests. It takes around 4 years to earn your blackbelt with regular training.

How do I get a uniform?

We will provide your first uniform to you for free! You can order additional uniforms online from several places. Try Auckland Martial Arts Supplies ( or Zenjo (, or feel free to ask us to put in an order on your behalf.

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  • "Great training environment for both kids and adults. The instructors and other students have a really friendly, positive, attitude. I really like the combination of striking and grappling." - Sol K
  • "Excellent training regime, relaxed yet disciplined, very helpful and experienced instruction, great people to train under and lots of fun" - James CB
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