Kingsland Martial Arts

Double Black Tip

This is a revision grade and no new techniques are introduced other than the pattern.


  • The student must demonstrate all previous patterns.
  • The student must demonstrate their grading pattern.
  • The student must demonstrate basic 1.

Self defence

  • 5 white belt self defence techniques
  • 5 yellow belt self defence techniques
  • 5 blue belt self defence techniques
  • 5 red tip self defence techniques
  • 5 double red tip self defence techniques
  • 5 red belt self defence techniques
  • 5 black tip self defence techniques


  • Long breakfall over 6 students
  • High breakfall over students own approx. shoulder height.


  • Three rounds of contact sparring

Power tests

  • Normal power test requirements
  • Board breaking, spinning kick, both sides

Continuous self-defence

Students will be tested by the class and the instructors in a round of continuous self defence.

Student Feedback

  • "Great training environment for both kids and adults. The instructors and other students have a really friendly, positive, attitude. I really like the combination of striking and grappling."

    -- Sol K

  • "Excellent training regime, relaxed yet disciplined, very helpful and experienced instruction, great people to train under and lots of fun"

    -- James CB

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