Kingsland Martial Arts

Red Belt

These notes show the minimum number of techniques required to advance to the next grade. You'll also see some 'estension techniques' at the bottom, which are optional for those who wish to extend their skills.


  • Red belt pattern
  • Patterns from previous 5 grades
  • Tanjon Breathing


  • Low spinning kick
  • Axe kick
  • Should be able to exhibit speed, balance, and power in 3-4 strike combinations

Ground Skills

  • Improving your position: Escape from mount, passing guard, escape from side mount


  • Judo-style sparring exercise - non-compliant partner


  • Knife Basics: grip, stance, common attacks.
  • Basic blocks against knife x 2


  • Self-defence flow drill 2: multiple transitions between locks and escort holds

Core Self Defence

  • Double strike to head: full nelson, knee in back.
  • Bear hug from front: shoulder throw
  • Dynamic wrist locks: 4 variations, pushing and pulling both sides
  • Pivoting to writs lock: 4 variations
  • Pushing from behind: comply, then twist to throw and finish
  • Double wrist grab: Fireman's throw

Extension Self Defence

  • Bear hug from front: Sweep
  • Finger lock backdrop from rear bear hug
  • Standing triangle from reverse punch.
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  • "Excellent training regime, relaxed yet disciplined, very helpful and experienced instruction, great people to train under and lots of fun" - James CB
  • "Great training environment for both kids and adults. The instructors and other students have a really friendly, positive, attitude. I really like the combination of striking and grappling." - Sol K
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