Kingsland Martial Arts

Blue Belt


Can you remember your whole pattern, and do really good blocks and punches?


Can you do these breakfalls safely each time?

  • I can do a Front Breakfall
  • I can do a Back Breakfall
  • I can do a Side Breakfall
  • I can do a Rolling Breakfall

Self Defence

Do you know the self defence for each of these grabs?

  • Both wrists grab break-away
  • Both shoulders grabbed break-away (twisting)
  • Both shoulders grabbed break-away (duck under)
  • Side shoulder pull (leg lift)
  • Side shoulder pull (scissor)
  • Bearhug, arms free, takedown
  • Side choke on ground (hook kneck with leg)


What have you learned about sparring?

  • Evasive footwork
  • Timing for counter-attacks & grabs
  • Spinning hook kicks


Can you do all of the following?

  • Pushup variations
  • Situp variations (leg lifts)
  • 10 squats
  • Plank for 30 seconds
  • I understand and apply self-control

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  • "Excellent training regime, relaxed yet disciplined, very helpful and experienced instruction, great people to train under and lots of fun" - James CB
  • "Great training environment for both kids and adults. The instructors and other students have a really friendly, positive, attitude. I really like the combination of striking and grappling." - Sol K
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